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Volunteer with VegWorcester!

Volunteer with VegWorcester!


VegWorcester Volunteers

With billions of animals being killed every year for food, it’s no secret that animals need our help now more than ever. The person who can make the most difference and change the world, right now, for animals is you. There is lots to do locally, right here in Worcester, Massachusetts, and even from the comfort of your own home. From directly volunteering your time helping VegWorcester organizing events, to sharing our events and vegan content on social media, there are lots of ways to get involved locally to help the animals.

Volunteering with VegWorcester can help prepare you for a career in helping animals, or other avenues! You can even list your volunteer experiences on your resume or college admission paperwork.

Intern and volunteer campaign assistant positions are available and can be customized to your interests and skills. Whether you have a whole season, once a week, once a month, or once a year available, we can use your help!

Learn more and fill out the application so we can get to know more about how you'd like to get involved!


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Attending New England VegFest is free & open to the public and we rely on support & donations from individuals to make this event happen. This festival is organized & run by volunteers. If you've attended in the past and enjoyed the event, please show your support by becoming a member today--and we have some nice perks to show our gratitude!

Enjoy the following perks at veg-friendly establishments in the Worcester area when you show your Membership Card! 

10% Off vegan flavors at WooBerry (Worcester, MA)
10% Off vegan pizzas at Pizza Palace in (Milford, MA)
20% Off vegan purchases at NU Cafe on Tuesdays (Worcester, MA)
Large for the price of a Medium at Belmont Vegetarian on Thursdays (Worcester, MA)

As this list continues to grow we will make sure to keep you informed of all the new perks!

Memberships expire at the end of the calendar year, make sure to renew in 2018 before the next New England VegFest to be able to skip the line and get in early!